Life on 3 legs doesn't slow down perky pup

Boone the dog receiving a veterinary exam
Boone’s journey home included a life-changing surgery and a dedicated foster volunteer who guided him through recovery.
By Christina London

Boone is happiness wrapped up in one furry package. Despite the challenges he’s faced, this young pup has a joy and zest for life that can’t be contained. 

Playful pup with a unique condition

When Boone came to Best Friends from a Utah animal shelter, he couldn’t wait to get out of his crate. This friendly canine with a glossy black coat was bursting with puppy energy and enthusiastically greeted everyone he met.

After Boone got his wiggles out, the vet team noticed something unique: His left hind leg twisted behind him. It almost looked like a second tail.

“The good news is it isn’t painful. So I think he was either born with a deformity, or he had a fracture a long time ago that has since healed, but it healed in the incorrect location,” says Best Friends veterinarian Dr. Megan McCarthy.

[Puppy takes leg surgery in stride]

Boone underwent X-rays, so his team could determine the best course of action. For this active pup to live his happiest, healthiest life, they decided to remove the leg. “He’s not using that leg. He isn’t putting any weight on it, and it is kind of getting in his way,” says Dr. Megan.

Boone is a pet who could have easily been at risk of being killed in a shelter, especially if that shelter were already full and struggling to save healthy dogs and cats. Best Friends’ goal is for all shelters to reach no-kill in 2025, and that means supporting them with programs and partnerships that help pets and people. What Boone needed was surgery and a comfortable place to heal, and that’s exactly what he got.

Foster care fun

Happy-go-lucky Boone headed to a foster home. His surgery was a success, but he still had to wear an e-collar for two whole weeks (which was actually a harder adjustment than losing his leg). But Boone soon learned that the healing process included great perks like peanut butter. Plus, he got some really cool stickers to decorate his cone.

Boone’s foster home was filled with love and fun. Despite his boundless energy, his foster caregiver described him as a total “cuddle muffin.” Boone also got along with and was very respectful of the resident kitties. He loved playing with kids and toys, and his surgery allowed him to enjoy playtime even more.

[Hip hip hooray! Puppy gets life-changing surgery]

Perhaps Boone’s favorite part of foster care was having a canine buddy. Diego had been adopted from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and was happy to teach his foster brother the ropes. It didn’t matter that Diego was twice Boone’s size: They became fast friends and enjoyed romping around together. Boone’s amputation didn’t slow him down one bit.

After he had healed from his surgery, Boone received the medical all-clear and was ready to go home. A friend of his foster volunteer fell in love with Boone’s playful nature and resilient spirit and decided to adopt him. Boone has always loved spending time with people, but it’s even better when it’s his own family in his own home.

Boone playing with his friends Lola and Ozzy at home

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